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Interview with Dying of Money Author, Jens O. Parsson

The Dying of Money, written under the pen name Jens O. Parsson, is perhaps the best explanation ever written on the process by which inflation works through markets and the economy. Considered a “Must Read” by Jim Puplava and regularly quoted by him on the Financial Sense Newshour, it is our honor to present a portion of his recent interview on the show (airing for subscribers this Friday) where they discuss the mechanics of inflation, how it moves from the stock market into goods and services, and some of the tell-tale signs for identifying when this process is about to begin.

Jim Puplava

Click Here for the full audio interview link with Dying of Money author, Ron Marcks - Kindly provided to visitors to our website by Financial Sense:

Jim Puplava's Big Picture: Dying of Money. This Time It's Global

Good inflation vs. Bad Inflation

In this week’s first Big Picture topic, Jim discusses the implications from the book “Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations” by Jens O. Parsson. Jim looks at the lessons from prior inflationary episodes in Germany and America, and sees similarities to today, only now it’s on a global basis. Jim also answers your Q-Calls in this segment.


The Death of Paper Money

As they prepare for holiday reading in Tuscany, City bankers are buying up rare copies of an obscure book on the mechanics of Weimar inflation published in 1974.  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


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