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 Ronald H. Marcks (Jens O. Parsson) wrote "Dying of Money" in 1974, at the height of the double-digit inflation then raging, analyzing its causes and accurately predicting its future.   His analysis of the financing gap in Social Security was published in the Wall Street Journal in the 1980’s.  He self-published the book using under the pen name Jens O Parsson and used Wellspring Press as the name of the publisher.  He sold just a thousand or so copies fulfilling them himself.

"There's no finer book on the inflationary process than Dying of Money."
Jim Puplava, President, FinancialSense.com

"As I have travelled around the world, I have found that serious investors, who really do their homework, have dusted off one of the best books on inflation that has ever been produced:  Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations”. 
Dr. Pippa Malmgren- President and founder of the Canonbury Group and Principalis Asset Management

The prestigious Boston Consulting Group wrote a lengthy piece on Dying of Money.  The full paper can be read here:  BCG Perspectives "Why companies should prepare for inflation"

In the last few years, some have begun to take notice of his work.  Financial Sense and Jim Puplava mentioned Ron's book on their website, www.financialsense.com and more interest developed.  In the summer of 2010, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard at the British newspaper the Telegraph published an article observing that London bankers were scrambling trying to get hold of copies of Dying of Money. Thirty six years after he wrote the book and long after Ron thought his book had been forgotten, the world has begun to take notice of his prescient thesis.

 Paperback Reprints are now available through major retailers including Amazon.com.

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